Sunday, January 2, 2011

Indochine! Part 2

3 January 2011 5:45am

I am so pumped full of adrenaline I could power a small nuclear submarine. Aaarrggh! Have consumed several cups of tea since 2:30am, but still too wired to eat anything. Last minute details taken care of. Note to Kate - I have deposited the contents of my hairbrush and the head of my toothbrush into a ziploc bag in the top drawer of my bathroom vanity for the purposes of positive identification if required. Don't forget the little brown hedgehog birthmark on my left knee. I've also left the number of my dentist in case positive ID not achievable by any other means. Check.

Possibly time for one more cup of tea before the chauffeur arrives to take us to the airport.

It's really happening.........

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  1. Thank you Miss Ally (re hairbrush and toothbrush). I rang your home today and was given your entire itinerary by your Dad (without actually requesting it) when I said "Have I missed Ally).

    Meant to call you earlier but some things when awry at home (will talk to you about this later) and it was mid morning before I could call.

    Have a wonderful time and I'll speak to you when you get back.